• Getting the most out of big data
  • Impact of Emerging Technologies and Regulations on Information Governance
  • Just Do It: Making Information Governance Work
  • Non-Parties and E-Discovery
  • Make Data More Accessible and Valuable to Business
  • Getting Real About Information Governance
  • Best Practices for Information Governance
  • Burn After Reading? A Better Approach to Securing Shared Information

Upcoming Events

03 Feb

CGOC New York Regional 2015

Impact of Emerging Technologies and Regulations on Information Governance
New York City
March 11, 2015

The work of information governance professionals has long been a challenge, and the task grows more complicated given the dynamics of the technology, regulatory and legal environments.
Corporate leaders from IT, Legal, Privacy and RIM met for a one-day executive meeting in New York City on March 11th to discuss how information governance is impacted by new regulatory requirements and emerging technology initiatives, such as analytics, cloud and BYOD.

15 Oct

Taking Control of Data Debris Benefits IT and Beyond

CGOC Webcast On-Demand

Corporations are drowning in data, which is putting a strain on IT budgets. The amount of data corporations create and store is constantly increasing, and simply buying more storage space or shifting the data off to the cloud is inefficient and expensive. In this webinar based on his article in ComputerWorld, CGOC faculty member David White describes how data retention is getting out of hand at many organizations.

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