In the News - 2015

Data Everywhere: The Risk to Shareholder Value

December 7, 2015

Publication: Ethical Boardroom
Written by Heidi Maher

About 69% of an organization’s data is unnecessary and has no value. Aside from taking up precious space, this excess information poses a great risk. Security expert, Heidi Maher, gives advice and put together 10 questions for board members to ask when developing a detailed and holistic approach.

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Strong Data Security Is not Optional

November 12, 2015

Publication: CIO
Written by Heidi Maher

The average cost of a data breach has increased 11% from last year to now total $6.53 million for a single U.S. organization. Strong data security is critical for protection and financials. Six key elements have been identified as requirements for establishing strong security and reducing the risk of a breach.

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Information Governance and the Cloud

October 6, 2015

Publication: Cloud Computing Journal
Written by Theresa Schoch

Hoarding is a psychological disorder—usually thought of as an unhealthy attachment to possessions. It causes clutter. Does hoarding of data have the same detriment to businesses? The need to maintain and delete data is greater than ever with data being created at unprecedented levels.

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How to Transition from Data Hoarder to Data Factory

September 14, 2015

Publication: Information Age
Written by Ben Rossi

With data overload, Rossi argues that a new foundation for collecting and using data is needed so businesses can develop and implement a strong structure for their growing data. His article highlights 4 key components to consider when making the transition from data hoarder to data factory.

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Managing data in a mobile and cloud world

August 25, 2015

Publication: CIO
Written by Richard Kessler

The benefits to moving data to the cloud and mobile are impressive—lower costs, better efficiency—but it comes at the price of complexity and loss of control for your IT, legal and compliance teams. Expert Richard Kessler suggests these challenges can be overcome by standardizing information metadata.

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7 Questions for Information Governance, Analytics and Business Value

July 21, 2015

Publication: Sand Hill
Written by Derek Gascon

Organizations that manage their data as an asset can use analytics to pull significant value from the information they have stored—but not all data is useful, in fast, using irrelevant data can distort the analysis. Here are 7 questions that are important in determining the value of your information.

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Getting the most out of big data

April 21, 2015

Publication: Computerworld
Written by Derek Gascon

Companies like Google and Amazon rely on collecting data and analysis as a way to stay competitive. These companies have allocated resources to investing in technologies but now, affordable big data solutions allow organizations of all sizes to benefit from the same data-driven perspective.

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A Simple Proposal for Making Data More Accessible and Valuable to the Enterprise

January 12, 2015

Publication: Baseline
Written by Rich Kessler

A strong foundation from the beginning of the data life cycle can dramatically reduce business costs and risk, while improving decision making. Kessler proposes 4 simple standard setup attributes to all new business systems so data can be easily aligned.

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