Resources - 2015

A Global Framework for Information Governance – CGOC London highlights and trends

December 11, 2015

The agenda was filled with insightful speakers focused on key issues from data privacy to best practices to reduce the business cost and risk of a data breach. Speakers from Deutsche Bank, eDisclosure Information Project, Freshfields, Shell, US DOJ, and more.

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Information Lifecycle Governance Leader Reference Guide (2nd Edition)

November 21, 2015

A Model for Improving Information and eDiscovery Economics with Information Lifecycle Governance

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Turning Insights into Action – CGOC San Francisco highlights and trends

September 26, 2015

View all sessions including in-depth presentations on the digital dark matter, defensible disposal and how to make information more manageable and valuable. Speakers from Morgan Stanley, Visa, SAP, Uber, Chevron, Intel, and more.

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2015 Meeting Minneapolis – Information Governance: Turning Insight into Action

September 16, 2015

Speakers: Ameriprise, Best Buy, Mayo Clinic, United Healthcare, US Bank, etc. Sessions: Holistic Security Intelligence –Steps to Limiting Business Risk, FCPA –Proactive Monitoring for Compliance & Risk Management, Complexities and Considerations around Emerging Technologies, IG & Litigation: What Matters Most, Making Information More Manageable and Valuable

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2015 Meeting NYC – Impact of Emerging Technologies & Regulations on Information Governance

March 11, 2015

Speakers: Barclays, UBS, Blackrock, IBM, etc. Sessions: Find Facts Fast: Arming Your Case Team Early in the Discovery Process Transparency: Information Governance and Post-2008 Financial Crisis Regulations, Protecting Your Organization from Data Theft, Making Information More Manageable and Valuable, Legal Considerations for Defensible Disposal

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