In the News - 2016

Press Release: Registration Open for Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC) Regional Meeting in London

September 22, 2016

Publication: Marketwired
Written by

Speakers include senior executives from BlackRock, CME Group, Deutsche Bank, eDisclosure Information Project, FTI, HGP/GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Reed Smith, Wolseley and others.

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Counsel Essential to Leading Info Gov Through M&A Minefields

August 25, 2016

Publication: Legaltech News
Written by Ricci Dipshan

Heidi Maher, CGOC Executive Director, and Jake Frazier, CGOC Faculty Chair and Senior Managing Director at FTI, discuss why IG can be more challenging during mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and other restructures. The potential for increased eDiscovery, cybersecurity and compliance issues can create a host of problems for a parent organization.

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How to ensure your A.I. gets good nutrition

July 21, 2016

Publication: CIO
Written by Heidi Maher

Businesses increasingly acknowledge the potential of A.I. to accelerate decision making, but many have serious concerns about what is happening inside the black box. The quality of any A.I. can only be as good as the data it processes. Of course, “garbage in, garbage out” has long been an analytics refrain, but it’s even more important for A.I.

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The Saga Continues… From Data Creation to Data Consumption to Data Exposure

June 21, 2016

Publication: Corporate Compliance Insights
Written by James Schellhase

James Schellhase, worldwide business executive, information governance expert and CGOC faculty member, discusses the role of information governance in reducing risks associated with third-party data governance.

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How Companies Can Work with the US Government on Cyber Threats

April 4, 2016

Publication: Bloomberg BNA
Written by Edward McAndrew

From the malicious to the unintentional, cyber incidents continue to increase in frequency, severity, and cost to companies. CGOC Faculty member, Edward McAndrew discusses eight steps to help mitigate the impact of an incident by constructive engagement of law enforcement and regulators

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Draw Up the Perfect Info Gov Game Plan

March 30, 2016

Publication: Legaltech News
Written by Caroline Sweeney

While the operational goals of compliance, privacy, security and e-discovery practices are different, their processes and technologies overlap, and it is increasingly difficult to successfully conduct one practice without successfully conducting the others. Aligning compliance, privacy, security and e-discovery practices can lower risk. (Free Registration Required)

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Data Privacy: Key Elements Of An Information Governance Plan

February 2, 2016

Publication: Dark Reading
Written by Heidi Maher

Today, big data initiatives using customer data are driving new personalized services, innovative insights, optimized operations and new business models. That all sounds terrific, but there’s a dark side to big data, and if you don’t get a handle on it, your company's new analytics projects may cause far more problems than they solve.

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