In the News - 2018

How the new California data privacy act could impact all organizations

October 4, 2018

Publication: Information Management
Written by Heidi Maher

A Q&A with Matthew Nelson faculty member of CGOC and a co-founding member and current annual meeting program chair of the Association of Corporate Counsel's Information Governance Committee. He is also a published author and nationally recognized speaker. Learn the impact of the newly amended California Consumer Privacy Act on businesses and how they should be approaching the evolving privacy landscape.

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You’ve Been Breached! Now What?

September 18, 2018

Publication: SC Magazine
Written by Edward J. McAndrew

Cooperating with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Before and After a Cyberattack Can Help Companies Minimize Harm and Legal Exposure By Edward J. McAndrew Many companies that suffer a malicious cyber incident such as a breach hesitate to involve federal law enforcement, fearing an overbearing investigative process, loss of control over the incident response, additional pain or injury caused by law enforcement activities, and public court proceedings. Too often, they instead take minimal steps to such outreach – usually with an eye toward regulatory compliance, rather than helping to pursue cybercriminals and pursuing long-term information security. They then hunker down and hope they don’t experience another attack.

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