In the News - 2019

What business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos’ leaked texts

February 18, 2019

Publication: TechCrunch
Written by Joel Wallenstorm

Real change will come when our leaders understand that data privacy and security can increase profitability and reliability. For example, the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council reports that an enterprise will spend as much as $50 million to protect 10 petabytes of data, and that $34.5 million of this is spent on protecting data that should be deleted. Serious efficiencies are waiting to be realized and serious cryptography can help.

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Data In, Insights Out

February 15, 2019

Publication: Corporate Compliance Insights
Written by Heidi Maher

Artificial intelligence could contribute multiple trillions to the global economy in the coming decade, but even while poor data quality becomes increasingly detrimental to businesses’ bottom line, AI is not yet being widely incorporated. Heidi Maher of CGOC discusses the widespread need for AI and machine learning.

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13 questions to ask to close the information governance gap

January 31, 2019

Publication: Health Data Management
Written by Heidi Maher

The answer is the piecemeal approach that most enterprises still take. Compliance, security, legal, records, IT and lines of business all set out their data requirements and are implementing solutions to meet them, but it’s difficult for executives to see the challenges across these functions. This lack of cross-functional coordination means enterprises remain saddled with siloed data sources, little management of data quality and lineage, few automate end-to-end data management processes, and inconsistent compliance with enterprise-wide requirements, such as the GDPR.

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The New Governance Pressures and How to Overcome Them

January 24, 2019

Publication: Forbes Technology Council
Written by Heidi Maher

Despite increasing executive support for IG programs, however, adoption of IG remains slow, and a recent study CGOC conducted flagged a significant gap between the perception that IG teams are progressing and the reality that processes remain immature.

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