Advice on How to Mitigate Risk to Protect your Organization

Advice on How to Mitigate Risk to Protect your Organization

How to Mitigate Risks?

Practical advice to help you better understand your data and how to mitigate risks. CGOC Faculty Members share their insights across multiple publications from CIO Dive to Bloomberg Law. Here’s the top news:

Privacy, Compliance Pose Big Challenges for In-House Counsel

The executive director of the CGOC, Heidi Maher share’s her thoughts on data use and the protection of personal information. 

How might in-house legal departments be affected by the widespread introduction of 5G technology?

This is an exciting time in technological advances. 5G plays a significant part because it brings together three compelling benefits: faster data speeds, lower latency, and increased connectivity. Whereas it normally takes 100 milliseconds for information to travel across a network, with 5G it is expected to take only 1 millisecond. It’s expected to reduce signal transmission delays or latency by 90%, creating true real-time communication and quick access to information in the cloud. These benefits will enhance the consumer experience through applications such as the Internet of Things and future developments in virtual reality and autonomous driving.

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Coverage from In-House Forum West

The Bloomberg Law In-House Forum West was an exclusive full-day live event for general counsel who is actively seeking insights and analysis on how the latest legal and business developments will impact the way they lead their legal departments. Read the coverage from In-House Forum West for the best practices, and explore case studies that are practical and timely.

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Four Ways Information Governance Can Protect M&A Value

M&A activity is now big business. Bain & Co. estimates M&A deals totaled $3.4 trillion globally in 2018, with about half those deals involving a company that obtained new capabilities or access to new markets from the acquired business. Here are the top four ways information governance can help organizations meet the data integration challenges they will almost certainly encounter.

  • Unclog Due Diligence
  • Avoid Cybersecurity Buyer’s Remorse
  • Bridge The Cultural Divide
  • Clean Up Your Act

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4 Keys to Managing an Information Governance Program

Most organizations understand successful information governance (IG) depends on close coordination among stakeholders, including security, compliance, privacy, legal, records, IT and lines of business.

However, operationalizing this can be challenging depending on your management role. Aaron Bryant, CGOC Faculty Member​ offers the following four management keys to successfully operationalizing and maturing an IG program:

  • A C-level executive, not a manager, must run the IG steering committee
  • Build an IG steering committee with stakeholders who fully embrace their responsibilities
  • Frame IG as an essential core business function, not a problem-focused project
  • Align the IG function with other organization-wide strategic initiatives

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10 Ways Machine Learning Will Transform the Practice of Law

Law firms are increasingly using machine learning and artificial intelligence, which have become standard in document review. Dorsey & Whitney’s Caroline Sweeney says any firm that wants to stay competitive should get on board now and gives examples for use and best practices.

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The Visionary – Interview with Heidi Maher

An exclusive interview with Executive Director, Heidi Maher by Robert Smallwood. 

“CGOC Events are unique in that legal, records, compliance, privacy/security and IT professionals all come together in a cross-functional way to share insights and brainstorm solution to common business problems.”

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