Cybersecurity, eDiscovery and More: Recap of CGOC Minneapolis 2017

Cybersecurity, eDiscovery and More: Recap of CGOC Minneapolis 2017

It was wonderful to be back in Minneapolis for another CGOC Regional Meeting at the Dorsey firm. Since our last event there in 2015, there have been many important developments in Information Governance.

Addressing the Current Cyber Threat Landscape

Anthony Ferrante fresh off his tenure at a number of high profile agencies (White House, National Security Council and FBI) joined Bob Cattanach to speak about new developments in cyber threats and what to do to lessen the impact. With the heightened awareness around cyber threats and data security, it was shocking to hear that many C-level executives are still unable to grasp the severity of the risk to their organization’s reputation and bottom line. Even after being alerted to the hack, some business leaders believed it was better to keep the information hidden rather than work through it in a transparent manner and with the help of the FBI.

eDiscovery – Update from the Trenches

Caroline Sweeney of Dorsey did double duty by speaking on two panels. The first with Sydney Crowder of Ameriprise and Veeral Gosalia of FTI Consulting discussing how changing technology (cloud, IoT, etc) is affecting the collection and preservation of data.  This was an important topic not just for eDiscovery issues but also for compliance with the rapidly approaching GDPR deadline of May 2018.

Proportionality – Taking the 360-Degree View

Since it had been a full year after the most recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure(FRCP), it became timely to discuss the effect of the now explicitly stated proportionality standard. The panel included the Honorable Tony Leung of the U.S. District Court of Minnesota, Corporate Counsel, Glenn Salvo of the Mosaic Company as well as Skip Durocher and Caroline Sweeney. The composition of the panel to include the judiciary, in-house and law firm point of view was essential in determining how everyday decisions on Information Governance and specifically eDiscovery preservation and collection could provide cover in fighting unreasonable discovery demands.

Structured or Unstructured: Steps to Unified Governance

The last panel with Monica Crocker of Wells Fargo, Ben Greene of Land O’Lakes and our Faculty Chair, Jake Frazier, aptly pulled the day’s topics together under the umbrella of Unified Governance. It became clear that whether it is a heavily regulated, mature organization or one that is less regulated but equally eager for efficient governance, they both recognize the importance of data lineage and accessibility.

In all, it was a very productive day, full of actionable content.  A sincere thank you to Dorsey and especially Caroline Sweeney for supporting the CGOC and for graciously hosting this event.

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