Privacy, Unified Governance and More: Recap of CGOC NYC 2017

Privacy, Unified Governance and More: Recap of CGOC NYC 2017

One of the benefits of yearly meetings in the same city is the ability to take a barometer reading of returning attendees on what has changed for them since last year. Attendees sharing updates into the progress of their 2016 initiatives around data privacy, analytics, eDiscovery and defensible data deletion helps us gauge what topics to emphasize in the future. The consensus was that in most of the organizations, data privacy initiatives had been put on a fast-track. We had clearly moved on from questions such as, “What is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?” and “Does it apply to my organization?” GDPR Jake w slidesto in-depth conversations with executive sponsors, stakeholders, data mapping projects and technology to assist in compliance. After the event, Dan Goldstein, one of our speakers on the data privacy panel put together a helpful article around the benefits of data mapping. This is a good starting point for those working toward a GDPR compliance.

Another benefit of returning to the same city and speaking to returning members is to hear their opinions, in light of their current Information Governance (IG) maturity, on emerging best practices and how viable they are to implement in their organization. The concept of Unified Governance was discussed in relation to digital transformation. The panel was the ultimate in cross-functional representation: business (Chief Data Officer or CDO), IT (CTO), international consultant, in-house counsel and former regulator. As CDOs become prolific in organizations, their goal in leveraging, enriching and monetizing data can sometimes come into conflict with the goals of other IG stakeholders.

View out of meeting room However, as the session went on, it became clear that the flip-side of the CDO’s role in protecting the health and integrity of the data is clearly in line with the goals of those who have been traditionally more entrenched in information governance.  Unified Governance is the bridge to that cooperation, not just for the implementation but also in creating the persuasive business case for funding IG initiatives.

The other sessions on “eDiscovery Updates” and “Levering Analytics for Investigation and Review” were equally riveting and gave attendees the arrows for their quiver as they set out to lead 2017-2018 enterprise projects. We want to extend our sincere gratitude for Gibson Dunn for hosting this event in their beautiful meeting space. Also, thank you to FTI Technology and IBM for their continued enthusiastic support of the CGOC.  The next regional meeting will be in May in Minneapolis so stay tuned for the announcement.

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