DataOps Think Tank: Taking the CGOC Community into the Future

DataOps Think Tank: Taking the CGOC Community into the Future

To all CGOC members, thank you so much for being part of the vibrant CGOC community. Today we have some news to share with you.  Whether you joined the CGOC for the resources, to access insightful and educational articles, or to meet your peers face to face at events, the CGOC has helped thousands of companies improve their governance and compliance processes and make more effective use of their information.  Now it’s time to evolve. The last several years have given rise to a new kind of community platform, one that empowers members to drive the agendas and conversations to better meet their needs through more dynamic interactions and more effective knowledge-sharing with peers, subject matter experts and thought leaders — a platform that includes the ability for members to host their own forums, virtual meetups and workshops, and to publish their own blog posts and other resources. This opportunity for self-empowerment is why CGOC’s founding corporate sponsor, IBM, is proud to transform the CGOC into a truly self-managed digital community, the DataOps Think Tank. Exclusively designed for executives, thought leaders and other experts, the Think Tank will enhance the experience of CGOC members who want to continue gaining peer insights and educating themselves about data issues. 
  • Why DataOps? DataOps is all about automating and accelerating the orchestration of people, processes and technology for delivering trusted, business-ready data to data consumers, operations, applications and artificial intelligence (AI). The scope of DataOps includes all issues related to the governance and compliance of data for operational, analytics, test data management and application use cases on hybrid cloud environments. This makes DataOps vitally important to all information stakeholders, including legal, records, compliance, analytics, privacy, security and IT professionals, as well as business users. DataOps incorporates governance and compliance into the fabric of getting to business-ready data fast. It applies collaboration, automation and agile principles similar to DevOps, DevSecOps, and the like to bring together data professionals and users. 
    While hosted by IBM, the DataOps Think Tank is open to all executives interested in DataOps and related topics. Since it is a self-managed Think Tank community, there will be no focused discussions around IBM or its products.

Access to CGOC resources and new events for CGOC members. CGOC resources from the last two years, as well as some still highly relevant older resources, have been migrated to the DataOps Think Tank. In addition, the hosts of the DataOps Think Tank will be inviting you to special events designed for the membership. Even more important, the DataOps Think Tank empowers you to create new events and programs of value to your peers.

Share your thoughts. The DataOps Think Tank is hosted by:

  • Aliye Ozcan, IBM Head of DataOps Marketing, Global: ALIYE.Ozcan (at)
  • Paul Christensen, IBM Garage DataFirst, Lead Architect: ptc (at)

We’d love to know what you think. Please feel free to reach out to Aliye or Paul.

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