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Data Privacy vs. Customer Analytics: How to Do Both

November 27, 2019

Publication: CPO Magazine
Written by Aoife Sexton

How can companies act ethically, protect their brands, and still become data-driven? By going all in on an approach to data privacy compliance that enables the business to be more agile and use data more effectively. Let us take a look at some of the strategies to get started.

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Establishing Efficient Data Governance Processes to Add Business Value

September 19, 2019

Publication: Infosecurity Magazine
Written by Matt Middleton-Leal

A recent report by The Compliance, Governance and Oversight Counsel found that 60% of corporate data has no “business, legal or regulatory value.” If an organization is flooded with information, it complicates the protection of sensitive data, boosts storage costs, and hinders an employee’s ability to locate necessary information among thousands of files. A holistic information governance program tackles all these issues and provides businesses with analytical insights and value.

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