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Establishing Efficient Data Governance Processes to Add Business Value

September 19, 2019

Publication: Infosecurity Magazine
Written by Matt Middleton-Leal

A recent report by The Compliance, Governance and Oversight Counsel found that 60% of corporate data has no “business, legal or regulatory value.” If an organization is flooded with information, it complicates the protection of sensitive data, boosts storage costs, and hinders an employee’s ability to locate necessary information among thousands of files. A holistic information governance program tackles all these issues and provides businesses with analytical insights and value.

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Best practices for building an information governance program that will last

July 24, 2019

Publication: Information Management
Written by Aaron Bryant

This Q&A with Aaron Bryant, PMP, is based on a series of interviews I’m conducting with thought leaders who are steering their organizations through the challenges of developing an information governance program.

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Privacy, Compliance Pose Big Challenges for In-House Counsel

June 21, 2019

Publication: Bloomberg Law Staff
Written by Bloomberg Law Staff

Hear more from Heidi Maher, Executive Director of the CGOC at the 2019 Bloomberg Law In-House Forum West on June 20 in San Francisco, where corporate counsel from Fortune 500 businesses and leaders from top law firms will gather to discuss trends in trade, regulation, and technology.

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Coverage from In-House Forum West

June 20, 2019

Publication: Big Law Business
Written by Big Law Business Staff

The Bloomberg Law In-House Forum West was an exclusive full-day live event for general counsel who are actively seeking insights and analysis on how the latest legal and business developments will impact the way they lead their legal departments. The forum provided insights on new developments and approaches for investigations, managing risk during investigations, and what happens when investigations fail.

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INSIGHT: Ten Ways Machine Learning Will Transform the Practice of Law

June 7, 2019

Publication: Bloomberg Law
Written by Caroline Sweeney

Law firms are increasingly using machine learning and artificial intelligence, which have become standard in document review. CGOC Faculty Member Caroline Sweeney says any firm that wants to stay competitive should get on board now and gives examples for use and best practices.

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The Visionary – Interview with Heidi Maher

May 29, 2019

Publication: InfoGov World
Written by Robert Smallwood

“CGOC events are unique in that legal, records, compliance, privacy/security and IT professionals all come together in a cross-function way to share insights and brainstorm solutions to common business problems."

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4 keys to managing an information governance program

May 13, 2019

Publication: CIODIVE
Written by Aaron Bryant

Most organizations understand successful information governance (IG) depends on close coordination among stakeholders, including security, compliance, privacy, legal, records, IT and lines of business. Based on my experiences as a mid-level manager and an executive, I offer the following four management keys to successfully operationalizing and maturing an IG program.

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Four Ways Information Governance Can Protect M&A Value

May 9, 2019

Publication: Forbes Technology Council
Written by Heidi Maher

While the world waits to see the potentially transformative impact of the CVS acquisition of Aetna (assuming it isn’t blocked), CVS’s CIO is likely thinking about the major data integration hurdles he will need to overcome to attain the value sought by the transaction. Many other companies will face these same challenges because M&A activity is now big business. Bain & Co. estimates M&A deals totaled $3.4 trillion globally in 2018, with about half those deals involving a company that obtained new capabilities or access to new markets from the acquired business. Based on my discussions with data and information experts from major enterprises, here are the top four ways information governance can help organizations meet the data integration challenges they will almost certainly encounter.

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IG Assessment Models: Use the right tool for the job

March 6, 2019

Publication: Information Governance World
Written by Robert Smallwood

Organizations are ramping up their Information Governance programs in today's risk and regulatory environment that increasingly emphasize the need to reduce information risks and costs while maximizing information value.

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What business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos’ leaked texts

February 18, 2019

Publication: TechCrunch
Written by Joel Wallenstorm

Real change will come when our leaders understand that data privacy and security can increase profitability and reliability. For example, the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council reports that an enterprise will spend as much as $50 million to protect 10 petabytes of data, and that $34.5 million of this is spent on protecting data that should be deleted. Serious efficiencies are waiting to be realized and serious cryptography can help.

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