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CGOC Regional Meeting 2019: GDPR, Cybersecurity and more

April 26, 2019

Thank you for making the 2019 CGOC Regional Meeting in New York an outstanding information governance event! You are the reason CGOC is the leading information governance event across the globe. Even though the 2019 CGOC Regional Meeting is over, you can continue to learn about new approaches to information governance by reviewing session presentations, watching our library of videos, and reading blogs.

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CGOC Regional Meeting 2018: Privacy, Security and Machine Learning

October 23, 2018

Since many organizations are silo’d, cross-functional analysis of common challenges can be difficult to arrange and attain. The Seattle event helped bridge the gap between legal and IT with a panel discussing challenges from their distinct point of view and how to work together to achieve results for each. Data Privacy and security were addressed in three different sessions in relation to AI, international investigations and legislative updates. Finally, experts discussed how to map and visualize your data for greater overall compliance. Download the right tools including in-depth presentations on: - Data Security and Privacy Issues in International Internal Investigations - Business Challenges Over Rights to Erasure & Threats to AI - Beyond GDPR: Organizational Impact of Worldwide Privacy & Security Legislative Developments - Marriage Therapy: IT vs. Legal - Records Management and Data Mapping Issues in the Enterprise. Where do you begin?

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