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Forget Me Not: Business Challenges Over Rights to Erasure & Threats to AI

April 9, 2019

Developments in Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have brought about unprecedented insight and value to the modern enterprise. At the same time, the right to be forgotten is ensconced in the current and upcoming privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA. In this webinar, experts will discuss the connection between the deletion requirement and data privacy limits on data retention. What does the law intend to say with regard to data deletion? What are the consequences of non-compliance? Would full compliance with this requirement jeopardize AI and Machine Learning initiatives? Speakers: Rachel Marmor | Counsel at Davis Wright Tremaine Andrew Shaxted | Sr. Director, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM at FTI Consulting Pauline Salamani | Sr. Manager, Business Information and Security Office - IBM Watch Now:

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Enable Governance and Value in the Information Economy: Through Data Cataloging, Categorizing, and Mapping

December 12, 2018

Data is the world's newest currency. Information Governance is the path to capitalizing on your investment in data. At the heart of governance is cataloging, categorization and mapping. Not knowing what data you have, where it is, how to protect it, how it complies with laws, its quality or its context, makes it difficult or impossible to monetize this valuable commodity. This webinar will focus on the reasons for mapping, cataloging and categorizing your information, in all of its various forms and locations, to address concerns in security, compliance, quality, eDiscovery and more.

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Leveraging Technology and Process to Automate Record Categorization and Data Classification

October 31, 2018

Join us as we explore the topic of automating recording categorization and data classification. We’ll examine how a healthcare company identified and classified records within 1.5 billion messages, and developed a BAU process for record classification. Meet our Faculty and Speakers: Anthony J. Diana, co-chair of Reed Smith's IP Tech & Data Group and Jake Frazier, Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting. Watch the OnDemand Webinar

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The Demand for Unified Governance – Experts Weigh In

February 21, 2018

Making the business case for an ongoing and unified data management and information governance program Data management teams must recognize they can’t ensure accurate, secure data without proper governance. On the other side, information governance teams must accept their mission has dramatically expanded from simply proving regulatory compliance to helping businesses achieve a single version of the truth, expose and extract value from information assets, and reduce a variety of risks. Meet our Faculty and Speakers: Jake Frazier, Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting, Clare Sadler, Managing Director at Information Squared, and Caroline Sweeney, Global Director, E-Discovery & Client Technology at Dorsey. View Now!

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Cross-Border Information Governance: Setting Up for Compliance

October 11, 2017

Any business operating across international borders will be involved in controlling, processing and transferring data. With increasing privacy regulations across the globe, legal and security departments must be prepared to understand and comply with the variety of regulations that different countries have implemented (including the fast-approaching GDPR), particularly as the increased transfer of data across borders leads to increased exposure. Leaders of these departments must ensure they create an effective information governance plan and implement security systems to adequately protect their data. Meet our Faculty and Speakers: Cindy Compert, CTO Data Security & Privacy at IBM, Dorota Kosela, General Counsel at Braster S.A., Dr. Andreas Splittgerber, Partner at Reed Smith, and Jimmy Koo, Senior Legal Editor at Bloomberg BNA (Moderator). View Now!

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Fall Webinar 2016 – Issues and Considerations For Information Governance

September 23, 2016

Experts discuss challenges, such as movement to the cloud, compliance with the GDPR, and how the need to support an ever-growing number of enterprise communication networks is straining corporate resources. This webinar addresses how organizations can proactively prepare for and minimize their risks in a rapidly changing landscape. Meet our Faculty and Speakers: Jennie McQuade, Chief Legal Counsel and Privacy Officer at Swisslog, Krista Pratt, Associate General Counsel at Biogen, and Jake Frazier, Sr. Managing Director at FTI Consulting.

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