Cross-Border Information Governance: Setting Up for Compliance

Cross-Border Information Governance: Setting Up for Compliance

October 11, 2017

OnDemand Webinar

Cross-Border Information Governance: Setting Yourself Up for Compliance

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Andreas Splittgerber
Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Dorota Kosela
CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP, General Counsel, Braster S.A.
Cindy Compert
CIPT/CIPM, CTO Data Security & Privacy, IBM Security
Jimmy Koo 
Senior Legal Editor, Bloomberg BNA (Moderator)

Any business operating across international borders will be involved in controlling, processing and transferring data. With increasing privacy regulations across the globe, legal and security departments must be prepared to understand and comply with the variety of regulations that different countries have implemented (including the fast-approaching GDPR), particularly as the increased transfer of data across borders leads to increased exposure. Leaders of these departments must ensure they create an effective information governance plan and implement security systems to adequately protect their data.

Panelists discussed the various international data protection regulations and some mechanisms for international data transfers.  Panelists provided strategies for developing an effective information governance plan for compliance and tips for setting up your internal systems to properly protect your data. Watch the recorded webinar at