Information Governance Benchmark Report

Information Governance Benchmark Report

Information Governance Benchmark Report

Information Governance (IG) is now a key topic in boardrooms around the world. CGOC surveyed IT, legal, privacy, security and business professionals across the globe.

Since 2010 the amount of data collected by every organization has soared, while the challenges related to cybersecurity, privacy, e-discovery, and evolving regulations grow more complex. These forces have rocketed information governance (IG) to a place of primary importance for executives and board members.

Information Governance Process Maturity Model

The CGOC has responded to these changes with a variety of resources. We recently updated the Information Governance Process Maturity Model—another industry first—to reflect new processes around

  • data quality and lineage
  • cloud computing
  • data privacy and security

To assess the readiness to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the CGOC conducted the Top Corporate Data Protection Challenges survey. The survey found that organizations were woefully unprepared for the regulation despite the potential for dire consequences.

Information Governance Benchmark Survey

As this report reveals, a significant amount of effort to bring information governance processes to maturity has led to little substantial progress. In this report, examine the disconnect between the effort and the results. And pinpoint the challenges that practitioners and other stakeholders still need to overcome if they want to achieve a level of information governance process maturity that results in reduced cost and risk.

The research shows that 80% report progress on their Information Governance programs, yet only one-third currently have an automated defensible disposal program in place. With 60% percent of the information in most companies has no business, legal or regulatory value.

How does your company stack up? Become a member to download the information governance benchmark report 2018 to find out:

– The top information governance trends companies are investing in for 2019
– The biggest challenges holding companies back from achieving their information governance goals
– The model companies use to mature across legal, records, privacy and security, IT and business lines.

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