Unified Governance Framework Goes Mainstream

Unified Governance Framework Goes Mainstream

It is telling that Information Management chose to feature “Making a successful case for a unified governance program” as the lead article on its website today.

It’s a tremendous step forward that the publication recognizes the importance of data management professionals beginning to coordinate closely with other information stakeholders, including compliance and privacy teams, to deliver increased business efficiency and insight, decreased long-term costs and significantly reduce risks in managing data.

In my role as the executive director of the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council, I meet a wide range of data professionals: data privacy and regulatory compliance experts, database security experts, data analytics experts, data quality experts and so on. Most of them are exceptionally good at their jobs, but when I ask them about their strategies for coordinating their individual activities with the other data professionals in their organizations, the majority answer, “What strategies?”

That’s when I say, “We should talk about unified governance.”

Read more about how Unified Governance Framework benefits organizations by making Information Governance the foundation of a Unified Governance program. The article reveals the three underlying conditions necessary for modern data and digital transformation and tips on how to get started.

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